Inktober Redux 2022 - Day 08 - Bruce Lee, Ah Sahm, Kung Gu

Day 8 - “Kung Fu,” 1972. In 1971, Bruce Lee pitched a concept to WB and Paramount for a television series titled Ah Sahm, about a martial artist roaming the American Old West. Lee’s widow Linda stated WB retooled and renamed the concept into Kung Fu. Lee himself auditioned for the role, though according to the show runners, Lee was not cast in the lead role in part because of his ethnicity, but more so because of his accent. The role eventually went to David Carradine. What If Lee had been cast in the role? The show itself may have taken a different path than the released series. Imagine Lee able to spread his message within the structure of the show. Warrior, an American martial arts crime drama, premiered on April 5, 2019 based on an original concept and treatment by Bruce Lee; executive-produced by his daughter, Shannon Lee. Check it out, it’s damn good.