Cryptid Series 03 - Loch Ness Monster

The Loch Ness Monster, or Nessie is a being which reputedly inhabits Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. It is similar to other supposed lake monsters in Scotland and elsewhere, although its description varies; common speculation among believers is that the creature represents a line of long-surviving plesiosaurs. She seems to have caught someone's eye…

Nessie Cryptid Series

Cryptid Series 02 - Jersey Devil

The Jersey Devil is a legendary cryptid said to inhabit the Pine Barrens of southern New Jersey. From the legend, "Mother Leeds had 12 children and, after finding she was pregnant for the 13th time, stated that this one would be the Devil. In 1735, Mother Leeds was in labor on a stormy night while her friends gathered around her. Mother Leeds was supposedly a witch and the child's father was the Devil himself. Born as a normal child, it changed to a creature with hooves, a goat's head, bat wings, and a forked tail. Growling and screaming, it killed the midwife before flying up the chimney, circling the villages, and heading toward the pines.

Jersey Devil Cryptid Series

Cryptid Series 01 - Sasquatch

First of a series. Look for the rest of the SSCA crew and possibly other cryptids in "famous re-creations".
"Bigfoot - a mythological simian, ape, or hominid-like creature said to inhabit forests, mainly in the Pacific Northwest. Here caught in a private moment - Frame 352 from 1967 Patterson–Gimlin film."

Bigfoot Cryptid Series


Lunchtime sketches. Bulldog faces are a lot of fun to draw.

Bulldog Sketches