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Don't call us Dinosaurs...

some explorations of Pterosaurs (which were flying reptiles, not dinosaurs. that’s your new fact for today)


Dino Heads

some doodles and dino explorations during lunch.

Dino Heads Sketches

Birds of a Feather

more dino fun…

Birds of a Feather

Dinosaurs aka #Drawdinovember aka I can't make up my mind

Looks like i’m starting to have a little too much fun lately, or time on my hands, or really, doing what i should have been doing all along...drawing constantly! In addition to doing a beard series i ended up tackling dinosaurs for the month of November and posting them up with several other Twitter users who are having fun doodling’ dinos. Featured here are Citipati and Torosaurus.

Citipati Dinovember

Torosaurus Dinovember

This Dino was brought to you by the number 6

A birthday card for my little Dinosaur hunter.

Dino Birthday Card




I love Dinosaurs, always have, always will...