Happy Halloween!!!

final inktober for the month. Happy Halloween!!!

Pumpkin Xenomorph

Harryhausen Cyclops

inktober. The Harryhausen Cyclops.

Inktober Cyclops

Truly, the fairest one of all...

Latest inktober. You can’t have monsters without Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, who introduced me to many a monster on late friday nights. raise your hands if she was your first crush. _\\//

i ended up having a lot of fun with this one.

Inktober Elvira Illustration

"You gotta be fuckin' kidding."

Today’s inktober is the Norris Spider from John Carpenter’s The Thing - 1982. still one of the best remakes of all time.


"Curse us and crush us, my precious is lost!”

Quick inktober for today, Gollum. I always loved the design of the '77 Rankin and Bass Hobbit, but gave him here more the hobbit ears and body of the Jackson LOTR films.

Gollum Inktober Sketch

"Lest for my daring Persephone the dread, From Hades should send up an awful monster's grisly head."

today’s inktober. The Gorgon Medusa. I’ve fallen behind. I hope to catch up before the end of the month...oh boy!

Inktober Medusa

To a new world of gods and monsters!

I realized that all my monsters this month were turning into a sausage party, so time to give some love to the ladies. today's inktober The Bride from Bride of Frankenstein - 1935 played with gusto by Elsa Lanchester.


“If I am the chief of sinners, I am the chief of sufferers also.”

today’s inktober. Mr. Hyde, fashioned after Frederic March. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - 1931

Inktober MrHyde

“In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulu waits dreaming”

inktober for today. Baby Cthuhlu. Awww, isn’t he cute?


" love has lasted longer than the temples of our gods. No man ever suffered as I did for you."

Today’s Inktober piece. Boris Karloff as The Mummy - 1932. Took a little more time with this, i think it shows...I’m going to try and push the stylization a little more for my remaining pieces.

Inktober Karloff Mummy

I am Dracula and I welcome you to my house.

I’m a day behind on Inktober, but here’s the latest. Christopher Lee’s Count Dracula. I tried to give it an EC Comics look.

Inktober Christopher Lee Dracula

"The Kraken is invulnerable. 100 men could not fight him. An army could not kill him."

Release the Kraken! today’s inktober. Clash of the Titans 1981. I’ve probably seen this film about 30 times in the course of my life. Harryhausen and his films are part of what drove me to get into art and animation.

Inktober The Kraken

Hey man, don't be smoking a cigarette while I'm eating!

today’s inktober entry. The Thing with Two Heads.




The Fly. David Hedison, Patrica Owens and Vincent Price. the ending to the original 1958 film still gives me the willies.



The Monster

going for two for tonight. the monster



Inktober Monster Mayhem

after years of saying i would do it, i’ve finally decided to join in on the fun that is Inktober.