Damn Dirty Apetober - Day 31, Ceasar

Final post - Day 31 - Ceasar - “Apes are strong... with... or without me."

And that's a wrap for Damn Dirty Apetober.


Damn Dirty Apetober - Day 30, Ceasar - Prime

Day 30 - Ceasar, Prime - “We shall found... our own dynasty! And that day is upon you... now!"


Damn Dirty Apetober - Day 29, Bad Ape

Day 29 - Bad Ape - "Dead. All dead. Long time. Human get sick. Ape get smart.”


Damn Dirty Apetober - Day 25, General Thade

Day 25 - Thade - "Everything in the human culture takes place below the waist!"


Damn Dirty Apetober - Day 23, Koba

Day 23 - Koba - “Sleep...you cannot save them. Apes all die...here."


Damn Dirty Apetober - Day 22, The Lawgiver

Day 22 - The Lawgiver - John Huston “...at least we wait with hope for the future."


Damn Dirty Apetober - Day 21, General Aldo

Day 21 - General Aldo “What do I care for Caesar's anger?! Let me give you a taste of mine!”


Damn Dirty Apetober - Day 20, Mandemus

Day 20 - Mandemus “Do what you will is the Devil’s law."


Damn Dirty Apetober - Day 16, Dr. Milo

So I missed a few days (surgery, weeee!), but we pick it up from here

Day 16- Dr. Milo - played by Sal Mineo “...our human captors will not be edified to learn that one day their world will crack like an egg and burn to a cinder...”


Damn Dirty Apetober - Day 06, Dr. Galen

Day 06 - Dr. Galen. “This beast has lost a lot of blood.”


Damn Dirty Apetober - Day 05, Julius

Day 05 - Julius. “If you only knew what they were going to do to you.”


Also posted here are some of the reference images i used to get Julius expression. I always loved how he's smoking a cigar while kicking back by the cages in the laboratory.

Reference Image Screenshot Julius

Damn Dirty Apetober - Day 04, Dr. Zira

Day 04 - Dr. Zira. “Just relax. Among other things, I'm a trained vet.”


Damn Dirty Apetober - Day 03, General Ursus

Day 03 - General Ursus. “The only good human...is a dead human!”


Damn Dirty Apetober - Day 01, Dr. Zaius

Day 02 - Dr. Zaius.


Damn Dirty Apetober - Day 01, Cornelius

This year, for Inktober or as I renamed Damn Dirty Apetober, I dedicated my images to one of the greatest movie series of all time, Planet of the Apes. Posted here are all the images created for 2020. Enjoy.

Day 01 - Cornelius.