Inktober Redux 2022 - Day 05 - Maria Felix, Maria Morales - Fiesta

Day 5 - Latinos come in all shades from white to black to brunettes to redheads, but often times in Hollywood those roles were given to non latino actors, with a few exceptions. The movie Fiesta, 1947, focuses on Mario Morales (Montalbán), a bullfighter who wants to be a composer, and his twin sister, Maria Morales, played by Esther Williams, who wants to be a bullfighter even though she is a woman. WHAT IF, Maria Felix (1914-2002), known as La Doña and considered one of the greatest actresses pf the Golden Age of Mexican cinema, played Maria opposite Montalban? Immensely popular in Mexico and Europe, Hollywood constantly reached out to offer roles in Hollywood, but as she herself said: “They only give me huehuenche (Indian) roles.”