This Dino was brought to you by the number 6

A birthday card for my little Dinosaur hunter.

Dino Birthday Card
When Q was going to turn 6, we asked him what he wanted to do for his party and he proudly answered, “DINOSAURS!”. At which point I did a little happy dance because that meant i could do a cool invite for his birthday. The most obvious idea was to take a dino and turn him into a number 6 and my good old buddy Deinonychus was up for the job. I started sketching out the card and it ended up looking like this...

Qs card_Sketch

Which was a good start, but I needed something a little more whimsical and charming, especially for a 6 years old birthday party. I started to loosen up and simplify the drawing, rounding out the harsher lines, making the eyes larger and adding a smile to his toothy snout. It was at this point that I also started doing a simple color study, playing with colors to get something that would match the feel of the drawing and the whimsy aspect I was looking to present.

Qs card_ColorStudy

Here’s the final illustration. I added exterior and down feathers and threw in some textures to give it a little more life. When i showed Q the end result and he could say with a big grin was, “WOW!” Best client i ever had.

Dino card